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"To see and be seen. That is the truest nature of love."
Brene Brown

Currently I am offering solely teletherapy services. 
Both play and talk therapy are quite beneficial, even when conducted virtually. Rather than coming to the office, clients are connecting via teletherapy. They are able to do this from home, school, or another safe location that works for the family and has strong internet access. We are able to utilize carefully selected age-appropriate online games, activities, and videos using screen share to facilate these sessions.

Happy Little Girl

Play Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

Play therapy can benefit a wide range of people. Children with emotional or social skills deficits can grow and develop their adaptive skills, families can benefit from strengthening attachments, and children who have not yet developed the language to process their experienced distress are given a method to do so.

Team Talk

Individual Therapy

Here For You

When individual talk therapy sessions are the best developmental fit, they can assist individuals and families in finding adaptive ways of coping with issues associated with normal adolescent development and changing family structures. Using individual and family therapy, focus is on increasing a client’s ability to choose pathways that lead to improved functioning in their world.

Father and Son

Filial Therapy

Quality Care

Filial Therapy can assist families who are ready to be active participants in the therapy process. Caregivers are actively coached to develop and strengthen their relationships with their children through the principles of the Child-Centered Play Therapy. Through Filial, parents learn the skills to become agents of therapeutic change for their children. This evidenced based methodology can be used to reduce a child’s symptoms, enhance the parent-child relationship, improve child competence and self-esteem, and improve parenting skills.

Pinwheel Kids

Group Therapy

There are no Groups being offered at this time.

Group therapy can offer an opportunity for children and adolescents to express their emotions and see they are not alone, connect with other kids, empathize with one another, and practice social skills. Groups are made available based on needs of clients and will be announced as they open.

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